Don’t Be a Victim of Domestic Violence!

With all the media covering the Ray Rice scandal – A star NFL player who was caught on video punching and knocking-out his then fiance- many in the public are realizing how prevalent the issue of domestic violence is. Unfortunately, many experience domestic abuse everyday and have long known what many are seeing for the first time. NOBODY deserves to be in a relationship where they are abused physically and/or mentally. Fortunately, victims have rights and we can help you obtain an Order of Protection against your abuser under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act (“IDVA”), a law that relates specifically to family and house-hold members and provides a victim with relief. Under the act, a circuit court judge can order and forbid a family or household member from continuous abusive behavior by granting an Order of Protection. If you are a victim, it is time to protect yourself. Don’t stand for the abuse anymore – give us a completely confidential call and we will go over your options and help you obtain a civil order of protection against your abuser. You can read more about Orders of Protection here: