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Family law governs a diverse set of legal rules that range from adoptions to divorce. Divorce is one of the most common family law issues in addition to child custody, child support, modification of these orders, as well as spousal support, and they are all related.

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Because divorce is such a major issue in family law, one should understand that the law requires you to provide a ground to the court for the divorce, in what is called a “divorce complaint” or “petition”. Providing a ground for divorce is not the same as proving fault. Rather, you can simply declare that your marriage is over.

A usually related area of law that is equally important in family law is that of child custody. The courts will use a best interest of the child approach when deciding which parent will receive custody of the child. These are just two examples of important family law issues, but as the list above shows, there are many issues in family law.

An attorney will make the process much simpler and help you to avoid mistakes that can jeopardize your rights. Obviously, most family law issues are quite complicated. The help of an attorney can make sure your family issue is dealt with in the best possible manner.